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December 31, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier You

  New Year’s resolutions can be a double-edged sword. While many of us feel inspired to make goals to improve our health, happiness and wellbeing, we often find the changes hard to sustain, and sometimes end up reverting back to old practices.
Check out these tips for starting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.
Many people start a new year hoping to improve their fitness routines and eating habits, and quickly become discouraged when results aren’t immediate. Instead of cancelling your new gym membership and opting for a box of chocolates by Valentine’s Day, set achievable and realistic goals to stay on track.
If losing weight is the objective, aim for 10 pounds instead of 50. If you succeed at losing the first 10, celebrate and make a new goal.
Instead of adopting an extreme diet, cut back on one snack a day or incorporate a smoothie as a healthy meal replacement. Use ingredients like fresh fruit, dark leafy greens, flax or chia seeds -- even savory vegetables like beets -- the possibilities are endless.
Sticking to fitness goals takes the right fuel. Eating whole foods instead of processed foods will give you more and longer-lasting energy. Plus, a whole-food diet is more simple and sustainable than restrictive calorie counting or elimination diets.
Powering your body with snacks like low-fat yogurt topped with granola, fresh hummus and whole-grain pita, or an apple and peanut butter, will carry your body through a workout and help you feel fuller longer. To make delicious homemade nut butter, throw three cups of roasted, unsalted peanuts or cashews into a high-powered blender like a Vitamix machine and blend for a minute or so. The result is a gooey, good-for-you treat that will provide ample energy for healthy pursuits.
While grocery shopping, stick to the outer perimeter of the store and pick up nutrient-rich and versatile ingredients like avocados, chickpeas, bananas, nuts and spinach, that can stand alone or be mixed into everything from healthy salads to frozen desserts.
Being healthy and eating whole foods doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sweet tooth. Before you plunge into a tub of cookie dough, consider other ways to curb cravings. Make your own, customized whole-food ice cream without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives using a blender. Varieties like apple pie and spiced strawberry will delight without guilt.
Or try a simple sorbet: blend two peeled oranges, two tablespoons sugar and four cups of ice. Use a blender with special settings for this purpose, such as the Vitamix Professional Series 750. Its Frozen Dessert program, one of the machine’s five pre-programmed settings, allows you to make an easy, healthy dessert in minutes.
Looking for something that feels even more decadent? Find recipes like chocolate hazelnut spread and more at
For a healthier new year, focus on small, attainable goals, and use whole foods to get creative with your diet.

December 30, 2016

Healthy New Year's Resolutions to Boost Your Immunity

This New Year, one important resolution is to focus on supporting a strong immune system for a happy and healthy 2017.
“Building a strong immune system can improve and even extend your life,” says Larry Robinson, PhD, and vice president of Scientific Affairs, Embria Health Sciences, a manufacturer of natural, science-based ingredients that support wellness and vitality.
For a healthier year, Robinson and the experts at Embria are encouraging people to toast to these great health and wellness tips.
It’s easy to hole-up during these cold winter days, but it’s not very good for your health or immune system. Research shows that people that have more human interactions are better at combating cold weather challenges.
So make sure to chat with your coworkers during the day and make plans with your friends after work. Not only will this boost your immunity, but social activities may also help reduce stress and depression.
While a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can support good health, getting the proper vitamins and nutrients in sufficient quantities every day can prove challenging.
Consider resolving to offer your immune system targeted support with a supplement designed to boost healthy immune function. One of the best immune strengthening ingredients is EpiCor fermentate, which has been clinically shown to support the body’s ability to initiate the proper immune response when needed, support rapid immune response and maintain healthy immune function.
You can find EpiCor in many popular and trusted supplement brands.
Rest and relaxation can go a long way toward supporting good health. Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to a number of major health problems and can impair the way your immune system responds, according to the National Institutes of Health. What’s more, too much stress can compromise immune response.
So whether it’s spending time with friends, going to yoga class or taking a bath, make sure your schedule includes time for both sleep and for stress-reducing activities.
Improve your health from the inside out this New Year. By focusing on boosting your immunity as a goal, you will naturally adopt healthy habits.

December 14, 2016

WellWork Kit Brings Wellness to Small Employers

Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS), the award-winning provider of employee wellness solutions, has announced the launch of the WellWork Kit: a new product line designed specifically for small businesses. The WellWork Kit closes this gap, giving smaller employers a straightforward, affordable way to promote health within their organizations.
"We're truly excited to help small businesses bring wellness to their employees," said Leah Evert, Director of Products and Partnerships. "The WellWork Kit is perfect for smaller groups because it's economical, easy to implement, and engaging. Our wellness experts know how to create programming that generates excitement, and that's exactly what the WellWork Kit delivers."
The WellWork Kit offers three programming options. The Basic level includes a comprehensive leadership guide, two turnkey wellness challenges, 12 months of on-site event ideas, yearlong subscriptions to two health education newsletters, and 12 months of client-branded marketing and communications materials. In addition to these features, WellWork Kit Digital adds an online wellness challenge platform with app and device integration.
For small companies interested in a more comprehensive online solution, WellWork Kit Pro offers a wellness portal hosted in partnership with MeYouHealth. The WellWork Portal includes a simple health assessment, as well as open social-style challenges and campaigns that focus on daily wellness activities, exercise, and smoking cessation.

December 13, 2016

Wallys Natural Soothes and Calms

Longtime Florida Food Leader

It’s time for a time-out. With the hectic holidays upon us, getting the correct amount of relaxation is necessary to feel your best. Finding a way to let the day go can be challenging, as these days, it’s often difficult to find enough time to wind down. The world moves at a fast pace, and we all find ourselves moving faster just to catch up. This accelerated speed results in a more difficult time slowing down.
Wally’s Natural was created with the mission to help people unwind and connect. With the all-natural line of products, Wally’s can help you relax with a loved one, take time for yourself and feel relaxed. Helping consumers slow down, since 1991, Wally’s Natural Ear Candles, Organic Ear Oil, Organic Body Oil and Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends allow for different types of relaxation
. Ear candling is a calming, holistic practice that is used to melt away stress and daily frustrations. The burning candle sends warm air and rhythmic sounds down through the hollow chute, massaging the ear canal via small vibrations, as the candle burns. Wally’s Natural Organic Ear Oil contains garlic oil, tea-tree oil and mullein extract to help support healthy ears, keeping them comfortable and soothed and avoiding agitation.
To energize the body, using certified USDA organic ingredients, Wally’s Natural Organic Body Oil is rich in vitamins and minerals, creating a combination which will assist the drive of the formula down into the furthest layers of the skin, for an effect that lasts. To focus on finding balance, calm, focus and energy, or to warm the muscles, Wally’s Natural Organic Essential Oils have eliminated the guesswork of creating the correct essential oil, with five pre-concocted blends.


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